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NexStar 2019

NexStar is a unique entrepreneurship program for Victorian international students and business. It aims to nurture entrepreneurial excellence, cultural well-being and enhance social connectivity. Students are matched with startup and business founders, mentors and specialists whose expertise facilitates work on real startup solutions


NexStar Workshop Series 3: 

Develop “go to market” strategies









30th August – Workshop #1 - Ideation & Orientation (Deluxe Place)

10th Sep – Workshop #2 – Customer Development (Venue: Melbourne Town Hall)

17th Sep – Workshop #3 - Develop “go to market” strategies (Venue: PwC)

19th Sep – Regional Event in Ballarat (Venue: Ballarat City Council)

23rd Sep - Regional Event in Geelong (Venue: Runway)

26th Sept – Workshop #4 - The Stress of Success - Mental Resiliency (Venue: RMIT)

30th Sep - Workshop #5 - IP and regulatory environments (Venue: TBD )

10th Oct – Workshop #6 - Pitch training (Venue: Community Hub, Dockland Library)

17th Oct – Final pitches and Gala night (Venue: Melbourne Town Hall)

22nd Oct - Social night (Venue: WeWork Spencer Street)

23rd Nov – Go to Market Strategy & reports due

Benefits for startups & businesses

  •  Qualitative and quantitative market research insights into global markets bespoke to your business 
  • A comprehensive Go-to-Market strategy
  • Branding recommendations and optimisations for you to take into targeted global markets
  • A pitch deck to share with potential investors
  • The top three participating startups will have the opportunity to head to Asia to meet with key local stakeholders and potential investors

International Students

Get matched with a start-up that aligns with your passion

Upskill & rise to new challenges


Gain international networks from students, movers & shakers 

Develop market entry strategies 


Amplify your brand

 Lead next gen startups, thinkers and doers



Get into the startup ecosystem

Gain work experience & broaden your horizons


"The program which I attended in recent days is one of the best. In my belief, it really helps to curb the gap between Australia and other nations. Also, hope it will eliminate the stereotypes about other nations in international trade, making Victoria truly global. Once again thank you for making us a part of such a good initiative and nice work, keep it up."

Student participant 2018

"One of the students you allocated to us is a shining star. He has already sent through a country analysis for India to help us understand the cultural differences and a questionnaire for us to complete to understand our company's vision and 5 year plan. Looking forward to the next event. "

Startup participant 2018

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NexStar is delivered by ACASE, City of Melbourne and PwC. Proudly supported by Study Melbourne


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