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2021 NexStar Melbourne Sprint, our recent success!

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What is NexStar?

Nexstar is founded by ACASE and City of Melbourne. It is aiming at connecting students and Australian enterprises and assisting the start-up in designing the strategies to entering into the Asian market through a series of expert webinars, mentoring sessions and student research and pitches.

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How does NexStar work?

The program contains training Bootcamp masterclasses that cover a range of different topics, cultural differences, entrepreneurship 101, assessing the market, and pitching skills. It also includes mentoring sessions to support the students during the NexStar Sprint.

To benefit more students, we are running it as a virtual program in one week sprint.

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One Week Sprint

Learn possible ways to launch your product or service into Asian target markets.

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Four Week Bootcamp

Over four weeks, startup/student teams will build a business case for a new market.

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Three Month Course

Students and businesses work together in teams to produce market ready strategies.

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NexStar Melbourne Sprint, our recent success!

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