NexStar 2021 May Japan Sprint

Nexstar is a community-driven entrepreneurial program initiated and developed by ACASE and the City of Melbourne since 2018, supported by the Victorian Government and other partners such as PwC, DLA Piper and university incubators. The participating startups and international students as future entrepreneurs has worked together to explore new business opportunities in key Asian markets including China, India, Indonesia, Singapore and Japan.


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What is NexStar Japan Sprint? 

NexStar 2021 May Sprint has taken a deep dive into the dynamic Japanese market. Students and startups alike has developed a comprehensive understanding of Japan, its culture, advancing sectors and business opportunities.

NexStar Overview


Benefits for Students

  • Broaden your network and make new friends.
  • Work with Australian startups to build a market entry strategy for doing business in Japan.
  • Learn about customer development, distribution channels and product validation in Japan.
  • Strengthen your cross-cultural knowledge and capability.


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Benefits for Startups

  • All in one workshop to understand business culture Intelligence, startup ecosystem, general market, and economic status of Japan
  • Preliminary market entry plan to provide basic advice in how to approach Japanese market with proper preparation
  • Establish cross culture awareness to avoid taboos in business engagement


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Sprint Program Structure

  • Three half-day masterclasses (6 Workshops)
  • 5 hours self-study
  • A marketing campaign pitch session for doing business in Japan
  • One-page marketing strategy canvas development

Startup Testimonials

Student Testimonials



Startup Participants

We appreciate your involvement during 2021 Nexstar Japan Sprint!

"My biggest take away is highly efficient teamwork. We complete the project in a really diverse team in just one week. We directly get feedback from clients in presentation and I keep in touch with them even after the project. Nexstar gives me valuable real case experience and would highly recommend to other students."

Michael Tian
(Monash University)

"This wonderful trip was entirely beyond my expectations, and I was surprised to gain a range of practical skills in the market analysis along with Safety Compass, such as how to apply different market analysis models, how to do user segmentation, market share analysis and competitor analysis. "

Liheng Pan
(University of Melbourne)

"It is a great opportunity for both startups and international students. Startups, like us, can leverage fresh ideas and independent external views on the company, market evaluation and products. Students can gain practical real life experience from this program, which is really valuable, I wish I could have joined something like this when I was an international student back then. "

Cindy Chen

Happy Experience


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