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NexStar 2019


About NexStar 2019

105 students from 8 universities across Victoria were successful applicants of NexStar 2019. These students represent 19 different regions from around the world. Out of 33 applications, 13 start-ups were selected based on their global market readiness. These startup-ups are iin Digital & IT, manufacturing, Education, Life Sciences and Finance.

Throughout NexStar, Victorian-based international students develop their skills and confidence by applying insights of their home countries in start-up businesses. The start-ups gain a global approach to scaling through their diversity of the cohort.

NexStar alumni are building stronger, more collabortive communities to further advance Melbourne as a global hub for education, innovation and entrepreneurship.

NexStar 2019 Program Booklet

NexStar 2019 Workshops Highlights

The coursework follows a sequence designed to gradually build up to the final deliverable, which includes a Go- To-Market report and pitch deck to present to global investors. Content is inspired by and drawn from a wide variety of reputable start-up teams to real-world start-up case studies, tools and helpful frameworks that can aide a start-up's pursuit of growth.


NexStar Speakers

NexStar 2019 Pitch Night Highlights


"The program which I attended in recent days is one of the best. In my belief, it really helps to curb the gap between Australia and other nations. Also, hope it will eliminate the stereotypes about other nations in international trade, making Victoria truly global. Once again thank you for making us a part of such a good initiative and nice work, keep it up."

Student participant

"One of the students you allocated to us is a shining star. He has already sent through a country analysis for India to help us understand the cultural differences and a questionnaire for us to complete to understand our company's vision and 5 year plan. Looking forward to the next event. "

Start-up founder

"Working with a start-up will expose me to various challenging situations where my merit will be tested, and I will accumulate knowledge and skills of numerous aspects of the relevant industries. Nexstar program is providing me with that opportunity, and this hands-on learning prospect excites me the most."

Student participant

"We spent much time on finding a good platform to say our words to the world and we found Nexstar very helpful for our goals."

Start-up founder

"I like one concept of this program, which is 'think globally, act locally'. As an international student, I am willing to bring my insights to spark innovative ideas with people from different cultures."

Student participant

"Engaged, energetic, smart students from diverse backgrounds have the potential to help Passel transform global communities."

Start-up founder

"NexStar will provide me behind-the-scenes of a start-up and allow me to learn from entrepreneurs' journey."

Student participant

"I believe NexStar would also allow me to learn from unfamiliarity, take on challenges and try something new. As I come from a multiracial country, this has provided me a global perspective and I hope I will be able to contribute valuable insights on market entry in other countries."

Student participant

"We are ready now to scale globally so will be able to give in return an almost live experience to the students."

Start-up founder

"NexStar is a great opportunity to get real industry experience. By participating in NexStar program, I can apply what I have learned from my major of study together with other international students to help local startups in Melbourne to have a global awareness."

Student participant

"NexStar encompasses all these special opportunities into one unique program that is mutually beneficial for all participants."

Student participant

"We certainly value the Melbourne international student community which comes from such a diverse background. Our major market has been Australia + US and now we are eying emerging economy like Asia, Africa, South America."

Start-up founder

"Start my own company is always my dream and doing this program will definitely give me a sight about how the entrepreneurs think, how did they come so far to chase their purpose, and how to build up a business structure."

Student participant

NexStar Team

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NexStar is delivered by ACASE, City of Melbourne and PwC. Proudly supported by Study Melbourne, DLA Piper and La Trobe Accelerator


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