NexStar 2022 Melbourne-Nanjing Sprint

Nexstar is a community-driven entrepreneurial program developed by ACASE and the City of Melbourne. This program will be back in 2022, and expand its outreach to both Melbourne and Nanjing, benefiting students and companies from both countries.

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What is 2022 Melbourne-Nanjing Sprint?ย 

Student and company application have already closed on 10th April. If you are interested in future events, please register your interest.

NexStar 2022 Sprint has taken a deep dive into both Melbourne and Nanjing market. Students and companies have learnt from the industry experts, developed a comprehensive understanding about both markets, and cooperated within teams to develop market entry strategy. 

NexStar Overview



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Benefits for Students

  • Broaden your network and make new friends.
  • Work with companies in both places and build a market entry strategy
  • Learn about culture difference, business environment and be resilient

  • Strengthen your cross-cultural knowledge and capability


Expression of Interest

Benefits for Companies

  • All in one workshop to understand business culture Intelligence, startup ecosystem, general market, and economic status of Melbourne/ Nanjing
  • Preliminary market entry plan to provide basic advice in how to approach Melbourne/ Nanjing market with proper preparation
  • Establish cross culture awareness to avoid taboos in business engagement

Program Structure

Three Day Workshops

Covering topics including go-to-market strategy, culture intelligence and presentation skills.

One Week Group Work

Collaborate with your teammates, and reach out to mentors when you have any questions. 

Online Pitch

Develop tailored go-to-market strategy for the company and pitch in front of judges and company representative. 

Program Recap

During this program, 38 students from Melbourne and 32 students from Nanjing joined together to assist 4 Melbourne companies and 3 Nanjing companies in their overseas expansion. 
NexStar 2022 Melbourne-Nanjing program took the participants into a deep dive of both Melbourne and Nanjing market, through three day of expert workshops, one week group work, networking night and the online pitch.
This NexStar program received an overall rating of 4.64 and a net promoter score of 8.43, indicating that students are really satisfied with this program and they are willing to recommend this program to like-minded peers. The participated companies gave NexStar a 5.0 rating. 


Student Testimonials

"NexStar bridges the multicultural marketplaces, welcoming diversity of academic backgrounds and providing precious opportunities of multidisciplinary cooperation. It is a great platform for me to accumulate consulting or marketing experience, to excavate combinations of possibilities, and to fulfill your potentials and creativity."

Anqi Yao

"This program is packed in one week, but I can learn many things. We are doing market research in Australia and doing survey to understand the customers, and analyzing the competitors which is interesting and quite new to me. I really enjoyed this program!"

Karin Nagaya

"I have learned a lot about local Melbourne investment and commercial market, and it inspired me to research and think about the investment opportunity. There is no doubt that the advanced training about communication skills and pressure management is helpful."


"One-on-one counselling is based on teamโ€™s familiarity with the project, finishing research, and then coming up with asking questions. At this time, the inclusiveness of ideas and effective suggestions not only give us confidence, but also promoting thinking by answering questions."


Company Testimonials

"We appreciate that our start-up idea maybe too challenging for the students to work on in a very short time period. However, both teams had demonstrated strong interests in the idea, and had also committed to deliver the report and presentations in excellent quality. We found the reports and presentations to be very insightful โ€“ and have certainly learnt a lot from this programme. We would like to thank the students, and the ACASE team for this great experience!"


"As an early stage start up our involvement with the NexStar program was ideal. The insights and market perspectives shared by the teams participating was very insightful. Having our own hypothesis reviewed and examined by a third party was also a valuable exercise. Adding to this a go to market strategy to the Asian consumer helps from a budgeting and forecasting perspective. As an outcome of our participation, much of the content created has been incorporated into our business in some way."

Hit Pauze

"This is a great programme; it is not easy to maintain such a high level in the epidemic environment! "

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