NexStar 2021 Sep Melbourne Sprint

Nexstar is a entrepreneurial program developed by ACASE and the City of Melbourne since 2018. Businesses and studnets are working together to explore new business opportunities in the Asia Pacific region,including China, Indonesia, Singapore and Japan.

What is NexStar Melbourne Sprint? 

The 2021 NexStar Melbourne Sprint will take a deep dive into the dynamic market of Victoria. Students and Chinese companies alike will develop a greater understanding of Victoria, its market, advancing sectors and business opportunities. 

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NexStar Overview


Benefits for Students

  • Broaden your network and make new friends.
  • Work with Australian startups to build a market entry strategy for doing business in Victoria, Australia.
  • Learn about customer development, distribution channels and product validation in Victoria, Australia.
  • Strengthen your cross-cultural knowledge and capability.

Sprint Program Structure

  • Three half-day masterclasses (6 Workshops)
  • 5 hours self-study
  • A marketing campaign pitch session for doing business in Victoria
  • One-page marketing strategy canvas development

NexStar Melbourne


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