ACASE is a not-for-profit organization registered in Victoria, Australia. Its objectives are to encourage connections and collaborations between scientific innovators and industry throughout Australia and Asia, and to facilitate the transformation of scientific and technological innovations into tangible social and economic benefits.

ACASE organises a program of events and professional speakers on the topics of business reform, innovation and product development, to assist scientists and entrepreneurs to improve their professional skills, knowledge and personal fulfilment. In the past few years, hundreds of people have attended our trainings sessions, which have included an IP and commercialisation panel discussion, business plan workshops, project coaching workshops, a business communication workshop for scientists and engineers, and finance and legal information sessions.

Training - Develop confidence and skills

We provide a series of courses and workshops delivered by experienced professionals in the fields of finance, legal, marketing, management and IT. These carefully designed training sessions will equip you with the essential knowledge and skills required for your projects. ​

Mentoring - Lighten the dark journey

Our mentorship program can increase your chance of business success in a number of ways:  by encouraging you to keep going or helping you to stay in focus, by assisting you to discover your true potential, by inspiring creative problem solving, or by connecting you to key resources. ​

Consulting - Talk to a professional

Our professionals are here to help you get things done efficiently so your business can move forward. Here at ACASE, you will always find the right people to talk to, no matter how big or small your problems is, or how simple or complex.

Networking – Build relationships

We organise special entrepreneur networking events and provide support through virtual networking platforms. We actively encourage you to join our networks and extend your capabilities by building valuable relationships with other entrepreneurs.  

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