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innovator net-zero nexus Apr 11, 2024

Have you ever given a thought to the food waste problem? If you haven’t, these stats may make you ponder:

  • The United Nations Environmental Programme estimates that globally, 931 million tonnes of food are wasted annually, which equates to approximately 74kg per household.
  • Almost one-third of all food we produce is wasted, according to a United Nations report.
  • Australia generates 7.6 million tonnes of annual food waste.

Sounds like a severe problem, right? Fortunately, innovators and entrepreneurs around the world are tackling this challenge and developing new solutions. The company we are introducing this month – Green Eco Technologies (GET) – is one of them.

The GET solution: WasteMaster 

Green Eco Technologies has developed an innovative WasteMaster recycling system that efficiently recycles and reduces food waste on-site, leaving a much smaller quantity of pathogen-free and virtually odour-free, nutrient-rich residual material. By doing so, WasteMaster effectively diverts food and other organic waste from landfill, reducing damaging effects on our environment including greenhouse gas emissions.

WasteMaster is mostly used for hospitals, hotels, shopping centres, restaurants and other catering providers. From Australia to Singapore to the UK, Green Eco Technologies has helped many business sites successfully manage their food wastes and become greener.

Green Eco Technologies was the winner of the Nexus 2023 Pitch Competition – Smart Solutions for Net-Zero Carbon Cities, a well-deserved trophy! They also participated in our 2022 Asia Market Sprint. Food waste is a big problem in China, just as in other countries. More than 35 million tonnes of food – six per cent of China’s total food production – are lost or wasted in China annually. At ACASE, we will continue to assist Green Eco Technologies’ journey into the Chinese market and help Chinese businesses tackle the food waste challenge.

If you want to know more about Green Eco Technologies, please feel free to contact their team at 1800 614 272 or [email protected].


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