Nexus Smart City Forum & Technology Competition

The Nexus Smart City Forum and Technology Competition are organized by the City of Melbourne, the City of Nanjing, Nanjing Pukou High-Tech Zone, Runway and ACASE.

Global experts and industry leaders in the field of smart city technology were invited to share their latest research and development, as well as their insights into how emerging technologies are contributing to the development of liveable cities. The forum and competition is also part of the Nexus Innovation Summit and Nanjing Tech Week.

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Smart City Technology Competition

Competition Projects

35 projects applied for the 2020 Smart City Tech Competition, including 6 from the university research group and 29 from the company group. The projects mainly involve 12 industry sectors, among which B2B software and services, health and medical technology and new materials occupy the top three with 25%, 15% and 10% respectively. Regarding the technology, projects cover artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, Internet of Things, robotics and virtual reality.

In the company group, more than half (59%) of the projects have received at least one round of funding. For the product development stage, more than 60% of the projects have mature products, and 41% have launched products on the market.

Competition Results

Company Group: E-Agri (1st), KERB (2nd), Adiona (3rd) 

E-Agril is an ag-tech startup focusing on state-of-the-art vertical farming facilities. The project is building a 1000sqm growing facility in Mainland of China. 

KERB is a global-from-Day-One parking and mobility platform, aiming to "join the data dots" in the smart cities. Currently live in 98 cities, across 30 countries, KERB is fully localised for 600 cities in 130 countries.

Adiona helps logistics, supply chain, and mobile workforce businesses to increase their efficiency and reduce their costs while creating sustainable urban growth in future smart cities. 

Research Group: Australia Zegenix_Cancer Killing Platform (1st), AI Diabetes (2nd), Smart Parking (3rd)

Smart City Technology Virtual Summit

Discover what the smart cities of the future will look like, how they’ll operate and the technology that will underpin them. Hear from the experts, futurists and visionaries laying down the foundations for how the next era of smart cities will be built. Energy, mobility, cybersecurity, surveillance, health and communities are all up for discussion. What’s next for smart cities?


Summit Highlights