Asia Pacific Market Exchange

Asia Pacific Market Exchange program will assist the participants to grow their business across the Asia Pacific region, through learning and applying proven techniques to find business opportunities, grow their business, testing emerging plans and strengthening their networks.

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Focus Areas

This program focuses on activating new business growth opportunities in wider Asia Pacific, with focus on these areas:

  • Starting a new business 
  • Building resilience in an existing business or overcome barriers to growth 
  • Finding new business growth opportunities 
  • Testing emerging business growth plans
  • Setting up their best new ideas to the Asia Pacific market 

All participants will start together by participating in the Get Ready stage, then based on their preferences, they will enter Stream A: Australia-Market Opportunity or Stream B: Asia Market Sprint.

For more information, visit Runway's program website.

Program Pathways

Pathways that participating start-ups and scale-ups will go through

Asia Market Sprint

ACASE will facilitate this stage

Through this program, ACASE will assist your business in refining the business case, developing the capacity and connecting you to relevant resources. 

We have invited industry-experts with extensive experience in Asian market, global finance, startup ecosystem and market entry to mentor you throughout this journey. 

For more information, please refer to:

Asia Market Sprint

2022 Program Dates

Asia Pacific Market Exchange will be run on February, April, June, August, October and December in 2022.

Program Dates for 2022 & 2023

  •  April 2022: 4,6,8,12 and 14 April 
  • June 2022: 6,8,10,14 and 16 June 
  • August 2022: 1,3,5,9 and 11 August 
  • October 2022: 3,5,7,11 and 13 October
  • December 2022: 5,7,9,13 and 15 December 
  • February 2023: 6,8,10,14 and 16 February 
  • April 2023: 17,19,21,25 and 27 April 
  • June 2023: 5,7,9,13 and 15 June
  • August 2023: 31 July, 2,4,8 and 10 August 

"The Asia Market Sprint is a great program to help startups who plan to land and launch in China. ACASE has extensive knowledge and experience in the local market and were able to assist in almost every aspect of the business along the way, which is critical for companies who have no or limited exposure to the China market. "

CEO of Equiprise

"ACASE provided an important business and innovation link between Australia and China. China represents a huge opportunity for KERB's ‘Smart Parking’ software solution, but entering the Chinese market is not easy! The Asia Market Sprint provided an important bridge for KERB into Nanjing-Pukou's K-Pouch Accelerator Program with a reputable government-backed organisation. "

CEO of Kerb


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